Raspberry Pi Print Server

Raspberry Pi printer server, finally a solution that actually works!

A very simple Raspberry Pi application that makes it possible to use any old USB printer over WiFi/Ethernet.

Just connect any of your old USB printers to Raspberry Pi, launch this application and use printer on WiFi/Ethernet.

All configuration takes under 10 minutes and application starts automatically on boot, making it usable in practical situations.

Printing is as quick as the printer connected directly to your PC
(the existing solutions, like CUPS, introduce a lot of delay and make it impossible to use in real scenario)
We built this application solely because there’s no existing solution that works good enough.

Install Guide

Install Raspbian and get the Raspberry Pi up-and-running
Install mono using these commands on terminal:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mono-complete

Sometimes, Raspbian misses installing some packages. Run this:
sudo apt-get install mono-complete – -fix-missing

Download application and save into any folder
(let’s assume we save on Desktop)

Configure to start application on boot
on terminal, enter: sudo nano /etc/rc.local
Add this to opened file (before line exit 0):
/usr/bin/mono /home/pi/Desktop/PrintServer.exe

Connect printer to Raspberry Pi

Make port lp0 available to non-root
sudo chmod a+w /dev/usb/lp0

Reboot Raspberry Pi

Configure printer on Windows

> First of all, connect your printer to PC, install drivers and make sure it’s fully working.

* Go to Devices and Printers > Right-Click your Printer > Printer Properties
* Go to Ports tab > click Add Port > select Standard TCP/IP Port > New Port
A Wizard opens
* Next > Enter “IP Address” of RaspberryPi (example:
* Enter RaspiServer in “Port Name” > click Next > let it try to search
in “Additional port information required” dialog, select “Custom” > Next > Finish
* Select this newly created port as the port for your printer
That’s it!

Now open notepad, enter a line of text and print to this printer.
If you have configured everything correctly, it should come out of the printer.

Trial version and Licensing
Please note that trial version will print document containing only a few lines of text. This is to make sure you get it working. Then you can buy the license to use it fully.
License is issued on per-device basis.

Find device ID
execute this command on terminal:
> sudo mono /home/pi/Desktop/PrintServer.exe -c
You will see device ID there.
Place an order, send us your Device ID and we’ll send you back an activation key in few minutes.


Contact us for licensing