Some of the solutions built by us

ZKTeco Biometric PUSH SDK / PULL SDK Integration

We offer customized applications for integrating ZKTeco Fingerprint/Face attendance devices including integration using Push SDK (ADMS/Cloud) and Pull SDK

Virtual Printer Solutions

We provide Virtual Printer solutions. User would print to a virtual printer, the print job is captured and then we can process it further. For example: send to one or more real printers, save locally or on cloud etc.

Excel SMS Add-in

Excel SMS add-in is designed for enabling the users to send fully user-specific targeted SMS right from an Excel sheet, by picking data from sheet.

Smart Printer System

Project Argus


Lox24 SMS Add-in for Outlook

Android Barcode Scan to PC

Windows Mobile App for Motorola Devices

Windows Handheld RFID Scan to PC

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