FBR POS Integration

Download Setup (64-bit/x64)

Download Setup (32-bit/x86)

We provide integration between existing retailer POS and FBR in Pakistan.
Some of clients using our solution:
> Street Burger, Beverly Center, Islamabad
> Lavish Dine, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad

Do not have source code of your POS software? No worries!
You will not need to make any changes in your POS software.
Just install our service and you are ready to go.
We can provide a solution for any POS software.

Sample Receipt with QR code

Download Setup (64-bit/x64)
Download Setup (32-bit/x86)
Install Guide:
> Run setup as Administrator
> It will install an application and virtual printer named “AuraPOS”
> Run AuraPOS application > Settings > Select your physical printer. Also enter your FBR POS ID. Save. Keep it running (minimize)
> Open your POS > Select “AuraPOS” as receipt/ticket printer
> Install FBR IMS Service
> That’s all !
Trial version will print “Trial Version” as FBR Invoice Number
Please purchase license in order to get full functionality
(FREE license available for testing)
Contact: info(at)AuraSofts(d*t)com

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